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H2O Just Add Water Dolls

H2O Just Add Water Playmates toys will release a line of mermaids dolls for the Australian tv series “H2O Just Add Water”. These dolls, with playsets, are expected in toy stores Fall 2009. More pictures here.


9 Responses

  1. i want to buy h2o dolls!!!!

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ce imagine traznita



  5. I think the show is fantastic, I would love to meet you all in person. I would love to be a mermaid as well, and make a show with you.

  6. i lov h2ojust add water so much! i am in the usa so i cant buy h2o just add water dvds please make them worldwide! i lov the dolls they are so cool i am getting emma because she is my favorite character! h2o just add water rocks then any other show! i dont like a lot of dolls but h2o just add water dolls are like the best dolls in the whole world! every body should own at least one h2o just add water doll! maybe even put the h2o just add water dolls in a case and mount it on the wall! even if friends can get one and you can play with them! i am definetly getting an h2o just add water doll! you can get an h2o just add water doll on Ebay.com/ OR Amazon.com/! h2o just add water rocks! BUT, why cant h2o just add water dvds be worldwide so if we live in the usa you can watch h2o just add water any where? if you read this note and you want to sign a petition to make h2o dvds worldwide you dont dont have to pay money you go to the website called http://www.petitononline.com/h2o4all/ to make h2o just add water dvds worldwide thank you for ready this very long coment about h2o just add water dolls and h2o just add water petition.

  7. -you should buy h2o just add water dolls

  8. k,i luv h20,but i dont think dat dis iz da only type,i mean,on da video,it showed a swimming cleo doll,wit an orange,rubber tail.and wen i go on websites, cant find em anywhere!this iz mi fav t v show,and y iz it TVY7,if dere iz so much kssing,and also,wen dey go 2 da beach,dey alwayz in SHORT

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